Entries From Our Guestbook

April 30, 2017
Thank you so much for the warm welcome! Your lodge is in such a wonderful place - the views, wildlife, scenery and proximity to town are unbeatable. You have made your home so inviting and have thought of every detail to make every visit as pleasant as possible. We truly loved every minute of our stay here. We would love to make this a yearly trip - we loved it here so much. Thank you again for being so amazingly wonderful to work with.
- Kathy, Debi, Jo, Pat, Linda, Karen, Carole, Julie Anne, and Jamilyne

February 2017
Dear Len,
We thank you and your wife for envisioning this great escape, and for Len to follow through with this dream of creating this paradise. We too are creating memories as we have newborn twins of less than a year old. This is their first trip to Leavenworth and their first snowy vacation as Seattle hardly gets any snow. Their older brother Drew (age 7) was in awe as he has never seen a real log cabin, and had been going ga ga for the duration of our stay. As someone started a sled run up front, we finished it and Drew has been going in and out sledding all days during our stay. This was also his first venture into a hot tub. The twin babies have been playing in the snow as well. All kids (parents included) have slept very well after a full day of fun and we are still in awe with all the little decorations throughout the lodge. You have created an amazing escape and we beg of you to never retire as we wish to come back again and again as the kids grow up as we have already created many life long memories from our very first stay. Till our next visit, we thank you for completing your dream and sharing it with us.
- Thomas, Mary, Drew, Evan & Emma

January 2017
We're so thankful for our time here - we've been blessed by many memories in your beautiful lodge. Thank you for all the thoughtful touches, from the cushy warm beds, cozy comfy couches and cuddly ginormous bears to the ketchup and ziplocks, you've thought of everything. We hope to enjoy many more snowy memories here. Thank you again from all of us.
- The Crawfords & Taylors

December 2016
This lodge is awesome! The management is great as well! This is our 3rd year coming here and once again we had a great time! Enjoyed all the snow and kids especially love the hill! Thanks for making this lodge feel like home! It's beautiful. The Christmas tree is amazing! See ya next year!
- Chepel Family

December 2016
We had such a wonderful time. The Nystuen "Get A Way". We started a tradition of the three daughters plus their daughters and daughter in laws of getting away every Christmas. The lodge was perfect. Our host Julia was perfect and the snow was outstanding. Thank you so much!
- The Nystuens

August 2016
We booked this lodge for my sister's bachelorette party and it was more perfect than I could have imagined. Every girl that came commented on how great this lodge was. The scenery was beautiful, it was the perfect distance from town and it was just big enough without feeling too roomy. The weekend would not have been the same without staying here. Thank you so much for sharing your vacation home with us and thank you so much for being so kind and hospitable. I can't wait to come back.
- Tressa

July 2016
Thank you Bear Mountain Lodge... We had a great and relaxing ladies retreat! This is our second one here and noticed that the dried flowers, greenery, tables, couches, etc had all been updated this year. You can see the "care to detail" in all of the house. Your effort is noticed and appreciated in fancy folds in the wash cloths, cereal in cupboards, ice, blow dryers, shampoos, lotions, air freshener - Thank you so much! a relaxing home while away from home! Would love to come up at Christmas time also! Noticed the doe only took one spotted twin up the hill in back last night, so maybe keep an eye out for the other one with her. Thank you again!
- Heather

July 2016
We couldn't have experienced a more peaceful and relaxed couple of days! This lodge is beautiful and perfectly maintained. Hopefully, we'll be able to share this lodge experience with family in the near future. Daryl enjoyed counting all the bears!! We both felt blessed watching the doe and her twins. Thank you!
- Daryl & Joy

January 2015
Our first time to Bear Mountain Lodge and our first winter in the snow. Four of us live in Australia (Newcastle N.S.W) and two live in Seattle. We are three sisters and spouses having a wonderful holiday season in the U.S. - first Christmas together for about 39 years. The lodge is super comfy and warm. The hot tub, great beds, soft and warm and the house provided with all we could want. We love all the bears and quirky decorations - but couldn't find a Koala Bear. I will remedy that! Wonderful memories to cherish and take back to Australia - snow, a deer, King Ludwig's pork hocks and much more. Best wishes to all!
- The Three Sisters

July 2013
Our group, "The Hobnailers" from Spokane enjoyed their stay here at Bear Mountain. Only one of us saw the rear end of a black bear as it scooted up the hill behind the lodge. We hiked every day even in the heat. A total of 20 hikers (ages 70-87) hiked 5 trails and spent money downtown at the restaurants and shops. We used 2 other "homes" but all agreed that Bear Mountain Lodge was the best place. We had deer with their fawns every day. A couple of frogs and lots of robins. Thanks for having such a great place.
- Hobnailers of Spokane

August 2013
WOW - a truly beautiful and relaxing place where all our needs were met. So fun as the deer and two fawns made their morning breakfast journey around the lodge. Chattering chipmunks on the rocks and in the pines, bunny munching clover in the grass, Evening Grosbeaks gathering in the driveway, and honking geese flying in a V above the meadow - everything but the bears! So lovely and well equipped! Close enough to anything you might want or need.
- Scott, Bobi, Dave & Kathy

August 2013
My wedding day! Perfect place to get married. Blue skies, great location, wonderful family and friends. Mary is wonderful and we appreciate everything she has done for us. I love Bear Mountain Lodge. Will be coming back for sure.
- Always, Elena & Bo

August 2013
I really had a relaxing time. This is a wonderfully serene place. The only thing I have to do is be comfortable. I love the quiet and the warmth. I didn't imagine that it would be this nice here.
- Dave

October 2013
Had a blast here this weekend. The lodge is so cute and was very clean. Plenty of space for everyone to craft and visit. Truly a blessing to have everyone here this year. I love my family and am glad to experience ladies weekend this year! Don't worry we'll be back!
Nicely situated for peace and quiet.
- Kathy

August 2013
A beary great place you have here. Fabulous view on the porch, extremely comfortable in every room, a great getaway. This was healing and fun. Thanks for having this beary great place.

June 2009
WOW! This is a BEARY amazing place. Thank you for providing this unforgettable opportunity. I will remember this visit for the rest of my life and I hope to come back!
- Scott (age 12)

June 2009
10th year anniversary of our mom's weekend. What a beautiful place to celebrate. We went on the "wine hike" at the Icicle Ridge Winery. What a wonderful day. Don and Kristen are wonderful hosts and owner of the winery. Tonight we will drink our bottle of Cherry Chocolate wine that Mary surprised us with. I know that my family will be back another time soon.
- Cheryl

June 2009
We had such a wonderful time. Thank you for providing us the opportunity to connect with each other. We appreciate all the special touches and care you do to make our time here so great. We look forward to our next visit.

September 2009
I made my bed on the big bears under the stairs. It was a nice comfy way to transition back from closer to the war zone. Good friends, great love, many laughs and just enough wine! thank you for letting us use your home - it felt just like borrowing a friend's place. And just getting back from Germany made a trip to "little Bavaria" really perfect and joyful and comfort zone! Next time will bring more friends. Danke Shen! Tchuss!
- Lt. Ellen

March 2007
Thanks for another wonderful anniversary spent here...All we want to do is be here with each other and enjoy the beauty all around (Mother Nature, the cabin, and each other). We've always talked about Bear Mountain Lodge being one of our favorite places we have been to...The location, the unique nature of the cabin (the bears, the stories, comforts of home, etc) make it quite special.

July 2007
This was our 7th-8th time at Bear Mountain and we brought a new couple here who love it and want to come back. It feels like home to us!!

July 2007
I believe this is our 8th year here and we never tire of this wonderful home! What a fantastic place to gather our family and enjoy, refresh and renew ourselves...we truly never tire of it and carry fond memories throughout the year until we return next summer. Thank you for this wonderful place.

July 2007
This place is awesome - way more than we could have ever imagined. The website doesn't do it justice...Truly a great place - looking forward to returning.

August 2007
Thank you for offering such a beautiful get away for our family.

December 2006
Now that's the way to celebrate a girl's 50th! We romped in the snow, nearly froze our flatlander rumps off waiting for the town to light up, collectively "aaahhed" in the hot tub, went to bed too late and awakened too early so as not to miss a single wonderful moment!
- The Hutchins Five
The Farrington Four

July 2006
Thank you so much for taking such sweet care of us. Nothing that was needed was not provided - we had everything!

July 2006
Thank you so much for another wonderful weekend. This is our 2nd group trip here and we had a blast. Such a great place to gather and celebrate our friendships.

August 2006
We were blessed to find Bear Mountain Lodge six years ago when we brought our entire family of ten here...It was a wonderful time for all and the accommodations were excellent. You thought of everything anyone could need or want.

August 2006
Your lodge is beautiful, your website doesn't do it justice. We had a great time here - you have all the needs a family could ever ask for.

August 2006
When I first walked in I said this place is fantastic! My father has always done his research prior to vacations and this place is by far the best place I have visited in my lifetime...you did a great job on this cozy home.

October 2006
Our wedding here was the most beautiful day in our lives. Thank you for this wonderful place. All our guests were thoroughly amazed as well. It's really hard to leave...It's great starting our lives together in the most beautiful place on earth (we think).

December 2006
What a beautiful, gorgeous place!!! I will describe it with one Spanish word "Hermoso". The perfect place to really feel the spirit of Christmas and it's great to see God's beauty all around this place.

Dear Cabin Owners
Hi! My name is Emily. This bear was "mine" for the weekend that we stayed. I named her Rose. Thank you so much for letting us stay and play with the teddy bears. I love Rose!! Thank you!!
- Sincerely, Emily

Just wanted to let you know we had the most wonderful time at the cabin. It was so comfortable and beautiful in so many ways. The humming birds were a kick to watch. The deer was skinny cause she had the baby. We were lucky enough to have them both in the yard with us a few times. Such a precious memory
- Cindy